​Director's Comments on working with Bernadette Perez:

"Bernadette is an extremely talented and focused actress. She came to the set of my film "The Journey" well prepared for her role and brought many innovative ideas to the portrayal of her character. In our interactions as a director/actress I found Bernadette to be very easy going, creative and entirely professional. I had no problems at all giving her adjustments and notes on her performance. She has a great sense of comedic timing and came up with some really nice moments that weren't scripted. I would highly recommend Berna to any director for her obvious talent and easy to work with."


-Scott Marcano, Director "The Journey", Writer "Bio-Dome", "Memories of A Hundred"



"I worked with Bernadette on a film that I served as producer on. She is a gifted actress, who can play both dramatic and comedic roles well. She was great to work with. It was easy for me to see how passionate and talented of an artist she is and how much pride she takes in her work."


-Barry Kneller, Writer/Director/Producer "Life Of Lemon", "Expired"

“Bernadette is a talented and dedicated actor who works at her craft on a daily basis. She plays well with others and is a valuable asset in any production.”


-Bill O'Reilly, Co-Artistic Director "Crown City Theater Company"


“I had the privilege to cast Bernadette in a film I directed titled “The Box”. She was a clear favorite in my casting sessions, and she delivered beautifully in the scene - as I felt she was perfect for. She’s talented, kind, and takes direction very well. I give her a high recommendation as a potential client.”

-Joel Sadilek, Director "The Box",

Producer Curious Joel Productions, Inc.


“Bernadette is a versatile talent, flowing from quirky character parts to the gravity of a leading lady with ease. She's professional and serious, which is difficult to find in young actors, especially the ones who have such a striking, on screen presence.”


-Leigh Scott, Director "The Beast of Bray Road", "Extracurricular Activities"


“I had the pleasure of working with Bernadette in our production of The Good Times Are Killing Me. She played the lead and carried a lot of responsibility. She was nothing short of professional - even at that young age. Always prepared and eager to learn and collaborate. Charming, easy to work with - she made the process a delight for all. "Getting there should as be as fun as being there" and Bernadette made that happen.”


-Bryan Fonseca, Artistic Director

"The Phoenix Theatre"


“Bernadette was an actress in a film I produced a few years ago. She is enormously talented, dependable, professional and an asset to any production. Any production often encounters grueling or uncomfortable setbacks and frustrations. Ours had its share of these, but they never affected her attitude or performance, other than to make it better. She used whatever downtime was available to her to work on her part, and her attitude in the face of, sometimes, difficult circumstances was an example with a good effect toward all members of cast and crew. She is someone a director or producer can depend upon rather than worry about. The end result? Her parts in the film are a highlight and a plus. Though she came to us fairly late in the audition process and only smaller parts were still available, she never had an attitude that any moment of the film was anything less than crucial, which it is. Any actor in any part can either make or ruin your film in every minute of screen time. She made the film in all her minutes.”


-Mark Toma, Director "Prince of Swine"


“Honestly, one of the bravest actors I've met in town. That's why I'd always try to find something for her in what I've done.”


-Matthew Peek, Director "Late Night"


"Bernadette is one of those actresses who is willing to take risks, and 'go there' for a scene. Completely open to a different perspective on a role, she takes direction and feedback with ease. I would work with Berna again in a heartbeat."


-Charlie Vaughn, Director "Saltwater"


“ Bernadette is very professional on and off stage. Very good actor (believable in every role I have seen her in). She is easy to get along with, takes direction well and asks all the right questions. She is well versed in her characters, takes her craft very seriously but is also enjoyable to have on the set. I hope to have the pleasure of working with Bernadette again.”


-Ryan Tower, Director "Hotties" and

"Fairway to Heaven"


“Professional. Talented. Beautiful. A Pro.  What more could a director want?”


-David Michael Latt, Director "War of the Worlds", Producer of "Dead Men Walking", "Jolly Roger", "War of the Worlds" & "The Beast of Bray Road" Owner of The Global Asylum

"Sharknado", "Z Nation"


“Bernadette is very professional on set. She played a lead character in a small ensemble cast for my feature film, Axegrinder. Due to budget constraints, we had very little time to shoot. She was very attentive to what I was looking for. She knew her lines (knew the material). She gave input to clarify story points and to make her performance stronger. She was on time. And she had a great attitude and very friendly with cast and crew. And as I remember fondly, we had a very difficult scene to shoot where Bernadette was in a bathing suit and half wetsuit, and myself in a wetsuit with the camera, had to go in the freezing cold lake in Malibu State Park to shoot a very visually important series of shots. It went great. She muscled through it without any complaints and without the cold affecting her performance. I was freezing cold and wanted to get out of there.
And I worked with Bernadette on another feature that I was cinematographer on… Tower of Blood. My experience with her on this film confirmed everything that I just wrote about her above.
A pleasure to work with.”


-David Palmieri, Director "Axegrinder", "Witchcraft" franchise